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ethnaol making project

Environmental protection engineering

non standard equipment and manufacture

alcohol / ethnaol making project

  • * Ethanol / Alcohol process machine / production line / process line /turnkey project ,distillation column ,vessel ;
  • * Environmental protecting engineering
  • * Non-standard equipment manufacture
  • * Fruit & Vegetable process line /production line/ process machine, pre-treatment, peeling machine ,slice machine ,remove stone,juice pressure and so on.
  • * Wheaten food process line/ production line/process machine : noodle process machine /process line, arabic bread process line /process machine , bakery shop and so on .

Technical Cooperation

Company has deep cooperation with many universities and design institutes and we can get the most advanted information on fermentation, distillation and other fields.

After-sales Service Capacity

  • 1. We have successfully mature technology & experiences of design, manufacturing, and commissioning, and assure the 10000 TPA excellent grade alcohol could be successfully commissioned at one time.
  • 2. Company has a large after-sales service team to assure the successful commissioning, including: 26commissioning engineers and 30 process engineers.
  • 3. Company is “AAA grade credit enterprise” and “re-contract and trustworthy enterprise” and we can assure to reach the site after receiving the user’s notice.
  • 4. Company is equipped with a sophisticated product after-sale service system and could ensure the implementation and maintaining of project.

Our Promise

  • 1. Service tenet: quality first, honesty based, service upmost. We take seriously the needs of each customer.
  • 2. Product and commission strickly according to the signed contract.
  • 3. Company is based on the user is responsible for, all for the principle of customer satisfaction in all aspects (design, manufacturing, detection & transporation).
  • 4. Company promise to provide complete equipments, spare parts and relavent technical data.