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bakery oven
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Products Name:bakery oven

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Bake all kinds of bread, dessert, cake, moon cake, toast, hamburger, bar, Yunnan style moon cake, etc.

Product advantages:

1. the design of the three exit air vent in Germany ensures uniform baking temperature in the furnace, strong penetration, uniform color and good taste.

2. imported from Italy, Japan Olypia combustion engine combustion machine (optional), less fuel consumption, good performance.

3. imported Taiwan thermal insulation cotton, the heat preservation effect is outstanding, the thickness is high, the thickness is 135MM.

4. main electrical components are imported, and the quality is stable and durable.

5. more humanized design, customers can choose a wide or narrow face rotary furnace according to the size of the placement.

6.can increase the powerful steam function.

Bake process machine :

1.mixing dough and egg and so on material


3.Degas,cut apart, rolling dough





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