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installasting distillastion column3
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Column is a kind of chemical equipment, which is used to make a close contact between gas and liquid, gas and solid, liquid and liquid, and to complete the process of heat transferring and mass transferring by catalyzing their interaction. Column is used in distillation, absorption, extraction etc..

Column can be divided into plate column and packing column by different structures. The commonly used types are as follows: bubble cap column, packing column, sieve-plate column, dual-flow column, float valve column, rotating disc column etc.


 The distillation column is made of rare metal materials such as titanium and its alloys chemical equipment has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight and other characteristics; it is widely used in chemical industry and petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, pesticide, alkali, electro plating, electronics and other fields.

We can manufacture 2-9column for customer different needing .


For example:  Product Description

Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process

Our company designs and manufactures latest Five-Column Three-Effect Distillation equipment. This new process is promoted on the basis of traditional five-column differential-pressure column and mainly used for super-fine alcohol production.

The key of this process is the heating methods, the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 4 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

In terms of electricity efficiency, it can save 50% electricity and avoid the repairing of circulating pumps and also extend the working life of the re-boilers.


Double-Mash-Column Three-Effect Distillation Process

This process applies to the production of general-grade alcohol& fuel ethanol, and it was awarded Chinese national patent, it is the only successful application of double mash column & three-effect in the world, which produces general-grade alcohol.

This process is composed by mash column, rectification column and composite column. The composite column functions as mash column and rectification column.

The key of this process is the heating methods: the steam heats one column directly and transfers the heat to other 2 columns to achieve three-effect thermal coupling and energy-saving effects.

 The advantage of this process is energy-saving; it saves over 40% steam.


   We manufacture, install and debug 500t-1,000,000TPA alcohol/ethanol complete equipment in the turn-key project. 

    The raw materical are cassave、corn、 sugar cane、molasses、potato、sweet potato、sorghum(broomcorn)、wheat、barley、sugarbeet、etc.All of these contain sugar or starch.

     The alcohol/ethanol content is from 65%--99.99%.

     The fuel ethanol content is 99.99%.

     The excellent alcohol content is 96.5%

     The common alcohol content is 95%.

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